Trinity Photography, a highly experienced husband and wife team, has got to be one of the best wedding and event photographers in KZN

Their incredible attention to detail never fails to produce the most stunning portraits and images. Whether they are photographing families, babies, toddlers or bride and grooms, it’s their ability to make the whole experience fun and enjoyable that sees them back here at Umdlalo time and time again.

But what separates a good Wedding photographer from a great one?


Any photographer will tell you that (especially in the case of weddings) you have to capture images from the heart. If you think about it too much, you’ll end up missing the moment or finding reasons not to shoot.


The devil is in the detail. Great photographers don’t just capture people they capture emotions and feelings and expressions.

Personal and Professional

A great photographer knows how to be personal and fit in at your wedding without getting in the way. People skills to a photographer, are as valuable as bedside manner is to a doctor.

Post production

A great photographer knows how special these pictures are and will tell you how long you’ll have to wait for them. It’s important to know that photographers work with very large files and can spend up to 40 hours preparing images per wedding … ouch!

“Umdlalo lodge is a great place for weddings. Its really close to the beach making it perfect for a romantic beach wedding. Their gardens are also beautifully kept all year round and the venue provides a classy, sophisticated atmosphere. As wedding photographers we get to go to many local wedding venues and Umdlalo definitely has to be one of my favorites.”

John and Angelique Bennie – Trinity Photography