Tips to Host a Great Wedding Reception

In this quick and informative article, we look at some of the top tips to host a great wedding reception. 

The wedding reception is a crucial part of any wedding day. The best receptions are fun and unique & leave your guests talking about your special day. We have laid out a few tips below to help you avoid common pitfalls and make sure your reception goes down better than expected. 

1. Keep toasts on the short side. 

It goes without saying that no one wants to hear a 30-minute toast unless you are a professional stand-up comic. Wedding toasts are all about quality over quantity. A good length to aim for is nothing more than the 2 or 3-minute mark (in other words, save the war stories for later). 

2. Plan for the little ones. 

Nothing starts things off worse than not having some sort of entertainment for the children at the party. Whether that’s their own table or even their own room (supervision advised) so they don’t get too bored. Tabletop activities, crafts, or even their own dance party all fit the bill. 

3. Seating! Seating! Seating! 

This is an oldie but still necessary. A well-laid-out seating arrangement leads to a lively and enjoyable conversation – which can lead, well anywhere. Whether that’s making sure people are with their own age group or – if you’re playing the matchmaker – who people are talking to all night will heavily impact whether or not your guests have an enjoyable time. 

4. Hire a coordinator. Don’t tackle it yourself. 

A “coordinator” can be an expensive service, so if you don’t have the budget rope in friends to help. You might want to do lots of different things at your reception, but trying to juggle everything on your own can be a real challenge. Having a dedicated person there to help is essential for keeping all the moving parts in check and ensuring no minor details are forgotten about. That way, you can focus on your guests and have an exciting time. 

5. Make sure your music is easy to dance to. 

Music is a major part of any reception. It is integral to how much fun people have at your event. If it is a band, make sure they have a good set-up and plan band breaks so as not to kill the mood. If you instead go for a DJ, make sure the music played isn’t obscure – it should be suited to you as the couple and the people at your event. 


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