Apart from your future spouse, your wedding venue is probably the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to your big day.  Before digging down to the “nitty gritties” of “this and that” here’s the 5 top reasons to choose a wedding venue.

Top 5 reasons to choose a wedding venue

  • Lots of people get married there
    If possible, find out from people who have used the venue. 99% Of the time other couples will tell you everything you want to know about a venue. Look for testimonials on the venue’s website and email them for references.UMDLALO (98)
  • Location, location, location
    When choosing a wedding venue consider where its situated and what that enables you to do. For instance a coastal venue can offer lush outdoor garden ceramonies year round or if you prefer set up a romantic beach wedding.  Its also vital to consider how far you are from airports and highways so that geausts and the bridal party can arrive on time.
  • Accommodation and food
    If your planning a destination wedding then accommodation is of paramount importance. Lodging must be flexible and available to book out entirely for your wedding. Equally important is the food and catering. Your ideal wedding venue should be able to cater to your and your guest’s every need.
  • Photos and reception
    Pick a venue that lends itself to plenty of photo opportunities. A venue close to the beach will give your photographer lots to work with. And, while you and your bridal party are having fun taking photos make sure your venue has ample space and entertainment for your guests.UMDLALO (12)
  • The price tag
    Contact the venue and find out if they have any pre made packages available. Most wedding venues have preferred suppliers (photographers and decor suppliers)  and could save you both time and money.  


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